Wrought Iron Bed Customisation Options

These customisation options are applicable to wrought iron beds, wrought iron canopy beds and wrought iron day beds.

Bed Sizes

The standard bed sizes are:

Single bed – 92cm x 188cm

Three quarter bed – 107cm x 188cm

Double bed – 137cm x 188cm

Queen size bed – 152cm x 188cm

King size bed – 1823cm x 188cm

All the beds shown in the image galleries can be made into any of the standard bed sizes with the exception of day beds which are available as single bed size only.

If you are looking for a custom size, we can do that too.

Bed Elements

Any wrought iron bed has three elements being the headboard, the frame and the foot end.  Canopy beds have a fourth element.

The following combination of elements can be done:

Headboard only

Headboard and frame

Headboard, frame and foot end

Headboard, frame and canopy

Headboard, frame, foot end and canopy

Design Customisation

Apart from size, the following elements can be customised:

Frame height – The standard frame height (the space between the floor and the bottom of the mattress) is 300mm, but it can be done higher or lower.

Headboard/Foot end height – There is no standard height for the headboard or foot end and it can be done to suit your taste.

Headboard/Foot end design – Any element of the headboard/foot end design can be changed.

Finishing – See Wrought Iron Finishing Options

You can also do your own design.  Just send us a drawing or sketch or an image that you found and we can make it.

Bedroom Suites

Any of these bed types or designs can also be made into a full bedroom suite.  A bedroom suite usually consist of the bed, two bedside tables, a dressing table with/without a mirror and a dressing table stool.  When we make the bedroom suite we usually use the design of the bed headboard as the main theme for the set.

Visit our Wrought Iron Table Top Options page to see what type of materials can be used as tops for bedside tables and dressing tables.

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