Wrought Iron Burglar Bars

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wrought-iron-burglar-bars-2We design, manufacture and install a range of plain to very decorative and ornate burglar bars.

All our burglar bars are made with a 25mm square tubing frame and 12mm round or square steel bars. The burglar bars are fitted on the inside of the window and secured with 10mm steel pins.

Vertical burglar bars are the most popular choice because they blend in with the curtains making them unobtrusive while at the same time still a barrier to burglars, but we also have many customers who prefer more decorative designs with scrolls and other decorative elements.

Our range of burglar bars can be customized to fit any type of window and window size. We can also design burglar bars to seamlessly fit in with your own decor style.

The most popular color for burglar bars is white, brown and bronze but to make them even more unobtrusive we can paint them the same color as you walls or any other color that is commercially available in the country.

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