Wrought Iron Garden Gates

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Wrought Iron Garden Gates

We design, manufacture and install a variety of plain and decorative garden and pedestrian gates.  One way to enhance the appearance of your garden and keep it protected is to install a beautiful garden or pedestrian gate.

Our garden gates are not designed with security in mind but purely to act as a decorative element or a barrier while the pedestrian gates are usually taller and designed to keep people out of your property. These gates are usually single swing gates.  Garden gates only have a latch while pedestrian gates can be securely locked or even automated.

Our garden and pedestrian gates are made with square or rectangular tubing frames with a wide selection of ornamental or decorative designs available including wood inserts or solid steel plating.

All our gates are treated with an anti corrosive chemical after which we apply a single undercoat and two top coats in the color of your choice

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