Wrought Iron Pool Fencing

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Wrought Iron Pool Fencing

We design, manufacture and install a range of plain and decorative pool fencing.  Our pool fencing is designed primarily with safety in mind and is intended to provide a barrier around swimming pools for babies, toddlers and young children.

The most important aspect of a pool fence is that it must be designed in such a way that children can not wriggle through or climb over.  The gate must also be childproof.  This requirement to a certain extent restricts the decorative look of a pool fence as you can not use any decorative element that can aid a child to climb over the fence.

The standard heights of our pool fences are 1.2m and 1.5m with a 1m gate but we can manufacture any custom size that suit your requirement.  Fencing panels are 2m wide and each vertical fence support is concreted into the ground for extra stability.  Gates come standard with a spring closing mechanism.

Our pool fencing panels and gates are treated with an anti corrosive chemical after which we apply a single anti corrosive undercoat and two top coats enamel in the color of your choice.

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