Wrought Iron Staircase Railings

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We design, manufacture and install a range of plain to very decorative and ornate staircase railings for indoor and outdoor staircases as well as wall mounted handrails.  Our beautiful railings can be created to match any design you want.

Staircase railings serve more than a functional purpose. Often, they are what give stairs a visual presence and make a staircase a work of art.  For this reason most people prefer a very decorative design, but we can also do plain if you prefer something more simple.

Our staircase railings are made with square or round tubing frames with balusters in a variety of styles and shapes from plain vertical square or round bars to ornate scrolls and other decorative elements.  We can also do molded wood handrails.

The staircase railings are treated with an anti corrosive chemical after which we apply a single undercoat and two top coats in the color of your choice.  The most popular colors for staircase railings are black and bronze, but we can finish your railings in any color that is commercially available.

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